Counseling for Chronic Conditions 

Individuals and Families Living with a Chronic Condition 

In the midst of physical symptoms, doctor's appointments and medication management, emotional health care is often put on the back burner when living with a chronic condition.

As a health psychology researcher, therapist, and mother of a child living with a chronic condition, I've learned that thoughts and feelings have a huge impact on our physical wellbeing and our ability to manage the often complex world of chronic health management. At Nurtureways, my mission is to help you honor the emotional experience of living as (or caregiving for) someone with a chronic condition.

Counseling includes: 

  • Getting Support: evidence-based therapy for emotional wellbeing
  • Boosting Health: tools for staying on top of disease self-management tasks
  • Finding a New Normal: support in processing diagnosis, adjusting to change, and pursuing the life you desire
  • Build Resilience: skills for bouncing back in the face of health challenges, to thrive beyond

Special Topics:

Parenting while living with a chronic condition:

  • Honoring Self: cultivating self-compassion, exploring personal goals
  • Finding Balance: navigating caring for both your health and family 
  • Communicating Needs: ideas for helping children/partners understand the role your condition plays in your home life and how others can support you

Parenting a child with a chronic condition:

  • Whole Family Impact: exploring the family-life impact and adjustment from diagnosis, major medical care moments, and in day-to-day management
  • Lightening the Load: support for processing your own emotions while also managing child's emotional experience
  • Strengthening Relationships: tools for building family unity and resilience

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