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Leadership Coaching & Consultation

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Leadership Coaching


Explore your unique leadership challenges and opportunities with support of a seasoned leadership guide. Leadership coaching offers space for you to:

  • Understand your leadership in the context of your whole self

  • Engage in self-discovery of  leadership values & strengths and how to leverage your gifts for impact

  • Create a vision for HOW you want to lead and goals to make that vision a reality

  • Explore your learning edges and how to grow and shift practices in service of your mission and continued leadership development

  • Process complex decision-making, interpersonal challenges, and unexpected roadblocks that come up in your role 

  • Be an active player in creating your ongoing leadership legacy


Reflective Supervision/Consultation (RSC) is a practice in which professionals consider experiences and interactions within their work life through guided reflective approaches with the support of a trained reflective supervision consultant. These sessions consider the thoughts, emotions, and body experiences that come up in our work with teams, partners, and community stakeholders; what enhances effectiveness in those interactions; and what might get in the way.


Reflective Leadership Sessions equip service providers, supervisors, business owners, and executive leaders with skills and strategies in mindful self-compassion, centering relationships, self-regulation, and reflective practices that can be integrated into supervision with teams and direct practice with constituents served by your organization. 

Reflective Leadership Consultation

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60-90 min bi-monthly or monthly sessions available for individuals or teams via zoom

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Leadership Peer Learning Circle

Impact Collective 


The Impact Collective is a professional networking cohort group for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners that hold a mission and vision for helping others to grow and thrive. 


In this group, members:

  • Share and learn from peers about building your business vision, brand, infrastructure, services, customer base, and impact.

  • Gain support from others in the shared journey of purpose-driven business development.  

  • Explore strategies for whole-person leadership that leverages your strengths and supports your wellbeing as you make an impact in your community


Contact us for more details on how to get involved

Strategic Consultation and Organizational Support

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Leadership Consultation  

Non-profit and small business leaders are asked to strategize, innovate, build teams, execute programs, outreach/partner, fund/oversee finance, build infrastructure, work with boards or funders and "other duties as assigned". 

Consultation with Nurtureways can give leaders the support they need in strategy, planning, resources and tools to build and carry out these functions, from a seasoned non-profit executive leader and solo entrapenuer who has built and managed growing organizations, teams and initiatives.  

Contact us for a free call to discuss how we can best support you in leading your organization to grow and thrive. 

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