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Organizational Consultation  

Non-profit and small business leaders are asked to strategize, innovate, build teams, execute programs, outreach/partner, fund/oversee finance, build infrastructure, work with boards or funders and "other duties as assigned". 

Consultation with Nurtureways can give leaders the support they need in strategy, planning, resources and tools to build and carry out these functions, from a seasoned non-profit executive leader and solo entrapenuer who has built and managed growing organizations, teams and initiatives.  

Sample of Services:

Strategic Planning and Execution: A reflective, relationship-based approach


Strategic planning is essential for any non-profit or small business to ensure quality service delivery, supported staff, adherence to industry requirements, financial sustainability, and effective impact. Organization leaders deserve the same support in the development of their businesses that you put into the delivery of your services. Consultation and group facilitation includes exploring:

  • Who and how to prepare for an effective strategic planning process

  • How to use organizational history, organizational assessment, and financial assessment to set the stage

  • Approaches to meaningful stakeholder engagement to inform process, including consideration of current or needed anti-racist/racial equity practices to expand voices informing work

  • Creation or adaptation of Mission, Vision and Identity Statements

  • Determining multi-year strategic priorities and how to create supporting objectives to implement plan

  • Creation of evaluation strategies to identify success metrics, monitor progress and inform adaptive shifts as needed

Nurtureways combines executive leadership experience, best practices from organizational change and leadership approaches, with a relationship-based, reflective approach. The Strategic Planning consultation process is tailored to meet the unique needs of your team and community served.


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